Our Churro Cookie is Now a Staple. *UPDATE:

Thursday, Jan/16/2020

UPDATE: Churro Cookie is no longer permanent. See this news entry

We offered our churro cookie for a limited-time on a few separate occasions. And whenever we eventually we took it down people told us "you're crazy!", "bring it back!", and "I'll kill you."

So we've been flirting with the idea to add it as a full time flavor along side our chocolate chip. However, one of our goals as a company is to be hyper efficient, so we can offer the best customer service. By only offering one flavor at a time, its simple to do that.

Adding another full-time flavor means more order complexity from the customer's point-of-view in the checkout form and its a lot more complexity from our side when baking and delivering thousands of cookie.

BUT, we figured it out. We revamped our delivery software and made it silky smooth to handle 2, 3, 100 flavors at a time.

Thus, the Churro Cookie is always available.